Mock Interviews – First step towards Acomplishment

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To train the trainees and make then job ready when they step out into the competitive world, mock interviews are often conducted during the training period at our institute.

It gives the opportunity to practice the interviewing skills in an environment similar to an actual interview. 

In UPSDM training, Mock interviews were conducted by the trainers. Each trainee was properly dressed in formals. They were also carrying their resumes. They were asked domain related questions and also HR related questions.

After this activity, every interviewee was given the proper feedback so that they can prepare better for their actual interviews.

Brain Games – Stay Mentally Sharp

BRAIN GAMES – Give your brain a workout by playing  games that sharpen your mind.
As apart of weekly activity, an inter class computer quiz “BRAIN GAMES” was organised on Dec13, 2017. It was between 4 teams. 2 teams each from UPSDM-Data Entry and UPSDM – Retail.
All the teams did their best and made this competition more colorful. The winner team was from Retail course.
Motive behind organising this quiz was to encourage the trainees to brain storm their thinking and to keep the spirit of healthy competition alive. The message behind these activities is:
The winners were also presented with token of appreciation.

RPL Training Program in PMKVY for Logistic Sector Skill Council

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EP Infoways mobilized a hundred candidates and successfully completed a training program of 12hours  in RPL at Ballia location and empower the youth with skills of Loading Supervisor.



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DATE: 30/11/2017

To keep trainees engaged, motivated, exuberant and enthusiastic during their training period, we conduct “Brain Games” at regular basis. As a part of this, a General Quiz – “BRIGHT SPARKS – THINK QUICK!!  THINK  SMART!!” was organised on Nov 30, 2017.

The quiz was divided into 3 rounds and each round was eliminating round. 5 teams participated in the quiz. Team E was a winner team.

The participants enjoyed a lot and answered the questions skilfully and confidently. The audience also got a chance to participate every time the teams answered incorrectly. The Rapid –Fire round was the most exciting and game changer round.

Trainers and other trainees congratulated the winner team and encouraged the participants by giving TOKEN OF APPRECIATION to the WINNERS.

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Training for ITC CSR with Future Group at our center in noida

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Students are taking session from ITC expert for FMCG training at our noida center.

Summer training for BTech and MBA

FILL THE GAP: Summer Training Program for Btech and MBA students

=>A 25 days course which includes 1 week for Workshop/Training and 2 weeks for Live Projects with 2 days of submission of Projects and Certificate awarding Ceremony

=>Dual Certification Program in Open Source Technology 

=>Industrial experience for college students where students get trained by IT professionals and industry experts


This is the biggest evolution or i should say revolution in country Skill/Education Eco system. From last 70 years we all(right from pan wala to parliament) are talking about the practical knowledge in our educated man power. This NSQF is a solution for the same.

We are inviting people having training infra more than 3000 sq ft and have passion to work for the development of country and become part of Skill Eco System