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Start your own training center under PMKVY Scheme!

PMKVY Scheme is a skill development scheme. EP Infoways Pvt. Ltd. is a training provider of PMKVY.
Under PMKVY, there comes various job roles listed by SSC. You can choose any one or more job roles to start your training Centre.
Certain basic requirements to start Training Centers:

  1.     1. Training Centers should be having total carpet area of more than 1500 Sq. Ft.
  2.     2. Training Centers with Job roles and having Model content availability (List of PMKVY Job Roles for which model content is available            is attached for you reference)
  3.    3. Training Centers meeting all equipment list as per the SSC’s specified norms.
  4. Training Centers has to be graded 4 or 5 Star grading.

Note:- Please read and send duly filled Expression Of Interest Form(attached) and all the supporting documents. PLEASE  FILL THE HARD COPY AND SCAN AND SEND THE SOFT COPY.

Following lists are attached herewith for your reference on your readiness:


  •          Expression Of Interest  Form
  •          Equipment list  as specified by the SSCs
    •          Job roles list, and where model content is available
  •          Details of required Class-room and Labs
  •          Trainer’s Profile as specified by the SSCs
  •          Pictures of the Training Centre
  •           Accreditation Standards Grading Metrics

Please revert back as early as possible.

In case of any confusion feel free to contact.


To Associate with us, Please fill Expression of Interest Form or Contact Undersigned.



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Accreditation Grading Metrics – Skills Ecosystem Guidelines

Agriculture SSC- Accreditation Grading Metrics – Skills Ecosystem Guidelines

Classroom and Lab Area – Job Roles wise

Equipment Details – Job Role wise1

Trainers Qualifications – Job Roles wise