What Does EP Stands for ?

Many people ask me this Question, “What does EP stands for?” – EP stands for Excellence Personified  ( श्रेष्ठता का मानवीकरण ) .

In our ancient times,  Ram and Krishna are the two examples who were excelled in each and everything. 200-300 years ago Maharana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj were other examples. In Present time people like  Sachin Tendulkar and Narendra Modi are 2 best examples of living legends.


All these people in various Generations are/were hopes of millions. Millions people  are looking towards them for change in their life, they have/had believe that these people would/could change their life. These people have/had never broken the trust of people.

I want to create this company where EPI excel in each and everything EPI do. EPI deliver what EPI commit. EPI delivery should reach to the perfection. EPI focus on the society problems and EPI solve them. EPI find innovative ways to contribute to the humanity. EPI are respected by people for EPI work. EPI give hope to the people and society. EPI meet the expectations of Million People.

Though this is not the right time to write “What does EP stands for?” we have just started our journey and we have to go very long but yes in last 3-4 years we have created the impact that people start asking “What does EP stands for?”.

Our Next Target should be people should recognize “What does EP stands for?”



Sachin Jain


EP Infoways Group Companies


हर दिन नई बात,
हर शाम नए ख्यालात,
फिर एक नई रात और
फिर एक नया सपना,
हर रात एक नया सपना..

सचिन जैन