11 year of Service – Runway has completed, Now Time to Fly

11 years back when I started this journey , I never thought that I would start a business or that business would complete 11 years… It was a mix journey and there were many instances when this business was about to finish, In last 3 years there was more than 10 instances when I thought to shut down everything and restart career in job or somewhere again… but with some GOD grace got opportunities and able to sustain somehow.

Now I think the stage is set and we have to fly , we have completed the runway and all the rough phases has gone, Its time to fly.. Its time to achieve something which is relevant to a large society and create wealth for a large section of the society and deliver services to them…and that will be worth discussing.

Till date we have not achieved anything much which is worth discussing at this point. We should just thank god that we have completed 11 years in the business and still survive.