BBA Retail with Apprenticeship – Assured Career Progression

Job Purpose:
• To deliver sales and enhance the customer experience through high standards of customer service and product knowledge

What I need to do:
• Warm welcome and approach to each customer to shop
• Customer delight is the key to the business
• Adhere to company procedures and SOP
• A team player and work with the store team to achieve desired goals
• To deliver results and work towards store KPIs
• To actively approach all aspects of work in a positive, productive, and professional manner.
• To ask for feedback about performance from customer
• To actively look for ways to improve performance and skills.

• Fashionable and understands fashion trends
• Keeps up to date with product knowledge to share with customers and team members
• To maintain excellent visual merchandising as per company standards
• Ability to suggest customers on coordinates and add on selling

• Freshers are welcome
• Has previously worked in a retail environment with a strong customer focus
• Articulate & Numerate
• Track record of demonstrating initiative to gain success
• To actively approach all aspects of work in a positive, productive, and professional manner


General FAQ
  • What are the highlights of this program?
Ans: Assured placement, Degree with 3 years of experience, Stipend 7k-10k per month, Training at job location from day one, Apprenticeship certificate and Industry certificate.
  • What is the course fee and how are students going to pay their fees?
Ans: The course fee is given in the brochure and the entire semester fee needs to be paid in two installments.
  • What is the admission criteria? How any student will be eligible for admission?
Ans: Minimum eligibility criteria for admission is 10+2 with 50% marks. Students will go through an aptitude test then initial screening through a video call and final interview with the industry.
  • If any student is pursuing his graduation or completed graduation, is he/she eligible for this course?
Ans: Yes, if he/she is interested in the course and he/she can devote min.10 hours a day.
  • How will any student get the loan facility? What is the eligibility criteria?
Ans: Yes, students can get the loan facility but they need to produce their income proof and other documents as per bank guidelines.
  • Students will get their stipend directly from the company or from Medhavi Skills University?
Ans: Students will get their stipend directly from the company.
  • If students will not get their stipend on time then how will they pay their course fee?
Ans: Students need to join this university program for learning  and to get a career in the retail industry. Stipend is a value addition of this program and students will earn while learning. So students should not depend on stipend for paying the course fee rather they should pay from their own pockets.
  • What is the course structure? What subjects are there in the first semester?
Ans: Subjects in first semester are: Communicative English, Introduction to Retail Store Operations and In-store Cashiering & Merchandising Operations
  • Will Students get study material? If yes, then in which format (hard copy/soft copy)?
Ans: Yes, students will get their study material but it will be in a soft copy format. Students will get access to the LMS (Learning Management System) and all study materials will be available there.
  • Where students are going to appear for their exams? Will it be online or offline?
Ans: Exams will be held online but it will be a proctored exam and students need to come to our nearby center to appear for the same.
  • If any student fails in one of the papers, how is he/she going to reappear for the same? What will be exam reappear fees?
Ans: Chances of getting failed in the exam is very minimal as the course is OJT based. Still if any student fails then he/she will pay the exam fees and will sit for the Supplementary exam with the current students. 
  • Is there any job assistance after the completion of the course? If yes, then how long?
Ans: Yes, MSU will support job assistance after completion of the course. MSU will send the candidates for 2-3 more interviews if students do not get selected in the current organisation.
  • During the course, is there any possibility of changing the work location?
Ans: Chances are very remote but if the current organisation demands then students need to relocate.
  • Is there any increment in students’ stipend? If yes, then how much?
Ans: There is no such commitment from MSU and stipend will remain the same throughout the program. 
  •  Is it valid like regular BBA?
Ans: Yes, but this program is more focussed on practical and OJT (On Job Training) based whereas regular BBA is more theory/classroom based.
  • Why is it called a Work Integrated Degree?
Ans: It’s called a Work Integrated Degree as you will learn while you are working which will give you real work experience. Your training will be starting from any retail store from 1st semester itself. 
  • What is an Apprenticeship Embedded Degree Programme?
Ans: You will be enrolled under the Apprenticeship program from GoI and will get the certificate at the end. Apprenticeship embedded degree refers to a course of training in any industry or establishment which consists of basic training (theoretical instructions) and practical on the job training at actual workplace.
  • Can I do an MBA in any other University after this degree?
Ans: Yes, you can do MBA in other universities after this degree as it’s acceptable in India & Internationally for Higher Education
  • How is this degree different from regular BBA? 
Ans: This degree is different from regular BBA as this program is more focussed on practical and OJT (On Job Training) based whereas regular BBA is more theory/classroom based. It’s called a Work Integrated Degree because your training will be starting from any retail store from 1st semester itself.
  • Classes will be conducted ONLINE or OFFLINE?
Ans: Theory classes will be conducted online and OJT at any industry location.
  • During my apprenticeship, will I work in the same store and city for 3 Years?
Ans: Yes, you will be working in the same store and city for 3 years. But in few cases, you may need to relocate to another location if the company urges. 
  • How many days in a week will be a holiday?
Ans: One day there will be a weekly off but not necessarily on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Will I get holidays during Puja and Summer Vacation?
Ans: Chances are very minimal as you are working in a retail store and most buyers come during Puja and summer holidays for purchasing from retail stores.
  • How many days of leave will be there in a year?
Ans: As per company policy you will avail leaves.
  • Where will be the location of the examination?
Ans: Its nearby center and center locations have given in the brochure. 
  • Is 12th Pass all streams (Science/Commerce/Arts) eligible?
Ans: Yes, students from any stream are eligible for this course but passing score should be 50% min.
  •  I have 80% marks in 12th. Can I get a direct entry to the programme?
Ans: No, you have to go through an Aptitude test, initial screening over a Zoom/Meet call and final interview with the employer.
  • What is the guarantee that I will get a good placement after this programme?
Ans: Yes, you will get a good placement after this programme as this course is OJT based and chances are you will be hired by the same industry after completion of the program. But conditions are you should have min. 90% attendance and passed the exam in one attempt. 
  • I will sincerely attend OJT at the store on a daily basis and do my duty. Will I get the degree with a good CGPA after 3 years?
Ans: Yes, if you are sincerely working so you will get the degree with a good CGPA because this course evaluation is based on 60% practical and 40% theory. 
  • What kind of Job will be assigned during the OJT?
Ans: Different job roles which will be assigned during OJT are: Retail Associate cum Cashier, Retail Sales Associate, Retail Team Leader. 
  • Where and when will be the Classes conducted?
Ans: Theory classes will be conducted online through the Learning Management System (LMS) platform which they can access from the center and most probably it’s in the first half. 
  • Will the programme run, if due to any Lockdown/Shutdown store closes for months?
Ans: Yes, theory classes will continue online during Lockdown/Shutdown if stores are closed.
  • What if I fall sick during the programme ?
Ans: As per company and MSU policy guidelines you will get sick leave.
  • Will the University provide accommodation ?
Ans: No, during OJT in industry students have to arrange accommodation and living facilities on their own. 
  • What if I get a better opportunity during the programme and leave ?
Ans: No, you can not leave as it’s a work integrated degree so you have to stay with the industry and university till your study gets over otherwise your admission will be cancelled as per MSU policy guideline. 
  • Can I work at any other retail Store after enrolling and get the degree?
Ans: No, you have to work only in the same retail store as prescribed by MSU because your practical evaluation sheet or score card will be filled by the supervisor or store-in -charge.
  • Will I get any experience certificate after the degree
Ans: Yes, you will get an experience letter from the industry as a trainee.
  • What is NSQF certification and how will it be helpful ?
Ans: NSQF is a nationally integrated education and competency-based framework that enables persons to acquire desired competency levels. The National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) organizes qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude. These levels, graded from one to ten, are defined in terms of learning outcomes which the learner must possess regardless of whether they were acquired through formal, non-formal or informal learning