Certified Internal Auditor Food Safety Training Programs March-April 2023 Schedule

Certified Internal Auditor Food Safety Training Programs and HACCP Level 3 

EP Infoways Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene is leading organization to provide various Food Safety Trainings and Certifications. It is also registered Training Partner with FOSTAC – FSSAI for Training and Certification for FOSTAC Courses. .

These Courses of Food Hygiene and Safety will help you to recognize your food hygiene responsibilities so that you can act conscientiously and demonstrate to customers that you and your business take food safety seriously. By taking this training, you will develop a strong foundational knowledge of food hygiene practices and food safety law, and show that you strive to follow best practice and are proud to do so – something that will give your customers great confidence in your business.

This course is fully up to date with the latest Indian and International laws, rules and regulations to ensure you feel confident to apply the food safety practices mentioned to your own job role.

Internal Auditor Food Safety Trainings

25-26 March 2023  – Internal Auditor BRC 9 launched in August 2022 

1-2 April 2023 – Internal Auditor Training – Legal Metrology, Food Labelling, Display Regulations,  Advertising and Claim regulations for Food Businesses 

8-9 April 2023 – HACCP Level 3 ( Internal Auditor Equivalent ) 

15-16 April 2023 – Internal Auditor FSMS 22000 

22-23 April 2023 – Internal Auditor FSSC v5.1 

Any 1 Training – Rs. 3000 + 18%  = Rs. 3540 
Any 2 Training – Rs. 5000 + 18% = Rs. 5900 
Any 3 Training – Rs. 7000 + 18%  = Rs. 8260 
Any 4 Training – Rs. 9000 + 18% = Rs. 10620 
All 5 Training – Rs. 10000 + GST  = Rs. 11800

Course Curriculum 


These courses are designed for the Internal Auditor for the company FOOD Management Systems, especially working on International Standards like ISO22000, FSSC v5, and HACCP etc. The purpose is to train potential internal auditors in the principles and practices of FSMS auditing in a manner compatible of latest guidelines as per the International Standard Available.

Trainees will be aware of current best practices in the audit process as per international standard and encouraged to develop their skills for audit purpose through discussions, analysis, and practical examples.

On completion, trainees should have gained the knowledge and skills required to prepare for and conduct internal audits.

Who should attend ? 

  • Quality and Production Managers
  • Executives and Technocrats of organizations involved in any aspects of the food chain including packaging, food and crop producers, equipment, detergent and sanitizer suppliers, practicing
  • Food Safety Management consultants and auditors,
  • Quality managers and business executives want to grow as Internal Auditor.
  • Final year Students looking to work in Leading Profile for Quality and Management 

Learning objectives: 

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the application of Food Safety Management Systems, FSSC V5 or HACCP as the course you will take.
  • Key concepts associated with hazard analysis as per International Standard.
  • Able to understand the entire process of Internal Auditor Processes.
  • Develop the ability to plan and organize an internal audit.
  • Collect and Analyze Evidence, Exercising objectivity for various instances.
  • Know how to evaluate and report the results of an internal audit and prepare the

Course highlights:

  • Management system – why and what?
  • prerequisite Program and Risk Management
  • ISO 22000, FSSC v5, HACCP Purpose and requirements as per the course.
  • Why, and what is an, Audit?
  • Plan an audit
  • Conduct an audit
  • Audit Reporting and Follow-up
  • Personal action plan

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