EP Infoways Food Safety Consulting Services Launches Online Internships Program for Students

Internship Title 

Food Processing Technology Cycle with Food Safety Regulatory Compliance ( 60 Days Extensive Virtual Internship )    (45 Days Internship Program + 15 days Project work )

This Internship Programme is help for those Aspirants who want to make their career in Food Processing, Food Regulatory & Food Technology sector.

All Topics will be Covered as per the Practical Aspect and 1 Project will be given to all for the Internship.
Mission of this Internship Program 

The program aims to prepare food professionals equipped with all necessary tools to handle the problems of present day food industry. The curriculum brings synergy in the aims and aspirations of the food industry. Courses offered help to grasp the fundamentals of the processes and technical know-how.

Program develops the students for product development, product approval, food regulations, food analysis and EDP in addition to normal shop floor and quality operations.

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It will cover – 

  • Technology of Food Processing Industry
  • Regulatory Compliance as per FSSAI
  • International Food Safety Standard HACCP, FSMS and FSSCv5.1
  • Laboratory , Labeling and Packaging Guidelines
  • Auditing and Supervisory Competency
  • Storage and Transportation Practices in Food Safety
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Topics Broadly will be covered – 
1. Human food nutrition.
2. Methods of food preservation.
3. Fruits and vegetable processing.
4. Milk and milk product processing.
5. Baking Product  Processing.
6. Methods of food analysis.
7. FSSA 2006, Food law, regulations and standards
8. Quality management System ISO 9001
9. HACCP, FSMS and FSSC V5.1 Introduction
10. Labeling and Packaging Practices
11. Laboratory Management Systems ISO 17025:2017 [NABL Accreditation]
12.Supervisor & Auditor competency Development
13. Food Storage, Transportation, Retail & Distribution
14. Any one FOSTAC Training Basic Manufacturing Level 1, Basic Catering Level 1, Bakery Level 1, Transport and Storage Level 1

Soft Skills to be Developed in this training program 

  • Communication (oral, listening, interview)
  • Critical thinking / problem solving
  • Professionalism (integrity, ethics, respect for diversity)
  • Life long learning skills
  • Interaction skills (teamwork, mentoring, leadership, networking, interpersonal skills)
  • Information acquisition skills (internet, database)
  • Organizational skills (time / project management)

Every Student needs to give 20 Minutes Video Presentation on a Topic as Mid Internship Project

Any 1 Project out of 5 projects available  Title and Project Report will be prepared –

Topic 1 – The Technology of Fruits and vegetable processing with Regulatory Compliance

Topic 2 – The Technology of Milk and Milk Products processing with Regulatory Compliance

Topic 3 – The Technology of baking processing with Regulatory Compliance

Topic 4 – The Technology of beverage processing with Regulatory Compliance

Topic 5 – The Technology of Confectionery and Energy bar production with Regulatory Compliance

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Special Features – 

Online Internship Start Date – 17th April 2023 

Four Days In a week.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Timing Of Internship  is 06:00 PM To 07:30 PM

Project will be given in First Week of the Internship
Weekly Review of the Project
Project Report Needs to be submitted within 15 days of post completion of the Internship, there will be 5 Doubt clearing session during 15 days to help in the project.
Post Internship Project Evaluation and Feedback will be Provided.
Assignment and Video needs to be submitted before training completion.
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Completion of Internship you will have  – Project Report with 7 certifications 
– Project Report Ready to be Submitted in College
– 60 days Industry Internship Certificate on EP Infoways Food Safety Consulting Services –  Company Letter Head
– 60 Days Training Certificate from EP Infoways Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene
One Free FOSTAC Training :–  – 1 FOSTAC certificate as per the Choice ( Basic Manufacturing Level 1 /  Basic Catering Level 1  / Bakery Level 1 / Transport and Storage Level 1 )
– Certificate of HACCP , FSMS ISO 22000 , FSSCv5.1 Level 1
– Certification on Good Hygiene Practices Level 1
– Certification on Quality Management System ISO 9001 Level 1
– Certification on Laboratory Management System ISO 17025:2017 – Level 1

Hard Copy of All 7 Certificate will be Issued at your address after training.

Note – Taxes & Charge of all Certificate is Included in the Training Price.

Internship will be done through online mode.

FEE – RS. 3200+Taxes = Rs. 3776 only
Including all taxes + 7 certification charges + Courier Charges 
Option to join in a Group and Complete Project in Group
Group of 2 People  – Fee Rs. 7000
Group of 3 People – Fee – Rs. 10200
Group of 4 People  – Fee Rs. 12800
Group of 5 People  – Rs. 15000
All Group Member will work on a Single Project for Better Understanding of the Project and Prepare a Good Training Report.
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Hurry limited seats are available ,

Internship Training starts from 17th April 2023 .

Sample Certificates and Internship Letter –

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