UGC Approved – PG Diploma in Food Processing & Safety Standards

Program Details –

Global Initiative of Food Safety Training & Services (GIFSTS) in association with UGC Approved Universities brings you a 1-year PG-Diploma certificate in Food Processing & Safety Standards.

About PG Diploma Program – 

This program is designed for candidates working in Food-Technology sectors and have not completed any formal education in Food Sector , They can just enroll in the program , can get complete overview of the industry and a UGC approved PG Diploma for further education enhancement.

This one-year online diploma program is designed for students and professionals who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in the field of food processing and safety, with a comprehensive understanding of the various processes involved in the production and processing of food products, as well as the regulations and standards that govern the industry.

The course will cover a wide range of topics related to food processing, including food preservation, packaging, labelling, and storage. Students will also learn about food safety regulations and standards, quality assurance, and risk management. The course will be delivered through online lectures, case studies, assignments, and interactive sessions with industry experts.


Specialization Available for the PG Diploma

Manufacturing Industry

Catering Industry

Bakery Industry

Beverage Industry

Storage , Retail & Distribution

Meat Industry
Dairy Industry
Edible Oil Industry
Auditing & Consulting
Labelling & Packaging
Specialization is based on the Project Completed during the PG Diploma Course .
PG Diploma Fee Structure as follows –
Registration Charges – Rs. 2000
Semester Fee – Rs. 20000 per semester ( Total Yearly Fee – Rs. 40000 )  – Can be Paid in 10 monthly Installments of Rs. 40000 each .
Exam Fees – Rs. 2500 per semester
Add On
– Free Coaching for FSSAI Govt Exams ( For Aspirants )  worth Rs. 15000
For Corporate working people – Free 5 Internal Auditor Trainings worth Rs. 15000
– 40% discount in all other courses of EP Infoways
– 1 FOSTAC Govt. Training Certificate  as per Industry worth Rs. 2500
Option to choose International Internship and Job in Germany in Food Processing, Butcher, Hospitality etc at additional cost.
Subjects and Curriculum – 

Semester 1 – 

FTD-001  Food Microbiology &  Chemistry

FTDI-002 Food Fundamentals & Food Processing

FTD-003 Food Safety, Hygiene & Quality Management Systems Part 1

FTD 004 Food Safety Laws and Compliances

FTD 005  Food Storage, Retail and Distribution

FTD 006 Project Synopsys preparation ( Practical Work )

Semester 2 – 

FTD-007 Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality Management – Part 2

FTD-008 Food Safety Labeling and Packaging Practices

FTD- 009 Auditing and Supervisory Competency

FTD-010 Laboratory Management Systems ISO 17025:2017

FTD-011 Project Work

1 research paper also needs to be submitted in International Journal of Repute.
This program will be added into the Academic Bank of Credits and these credit can be used to take admission in lateral entry for Post Graduate in many of the  National and International Universities.
– All Module Training will be done by Leading Food Technology Professionals with 15 years + working
– Live Classes with Recordings in LMS App available for the program.
– Half Yearly Exam and Project Review
– Time to Time Guest Lectures by Industry Experts
– Focus on Indian and International Food Safety Rules and Regulations with detailed study.
– Regular Quiz & Question Papers after every Module, Sample Study Material and Regular updates on
changing of the Standards.
– Free premium membership of our App/telegram groups with many free courses with certificates,
live webinars, training material , latest updates on standards, fssai updates etc.

Career Progression after this Program – 

Upgrade to the following career options –
– Food Safety/Quality Professional
– Food Science Specialist
– Food Safety Compliance Manager
– Internal Auditors
– Lead Auditors
– Food Safety Trainers
– Food Safety Consultants
– Hygiene Auditors


Q: What is a Post Graduate Diploma in Food Processing & Safety Standards?

A: Post Graduate Diploma in Food Processing & Safety Standards is a course that provides students with
knowledge and skills related to food processing, quality control, safety standards, compliances , general management etc. The program is designed to equip students with practical experience and theoretical knowledge of food hygines, safety, processing, laws and regulations, labeling, laboratory etc.

Q: What are the career opportunities after completing this course?

A: This course can work in various industries, including food processing, quality control, research and
development, product development, regulatory compliance, and food safety management. They can also work
in government agencies or non-profit organizations involved in food safety and processing.

Q: What are the subjects covered in this course?

A: The subjects covered in this course include food safety, food microbiology, food chemistry, food processing
technology, food packaging, food quality control, and regulatory compliance.

Q: What is the duration of the course?
A: The duration of the course is one year.

Q: What is the admission process for this course?
A: Application / registration of Rs. 2000 needs to be submitted, Verification of Experience and Documents by University Team, Release of Admission Letter

Q: Is this course available online?
A: Yes, it provides students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace from anywhere in the world.

Q: What is the difference between a Post Graduate Diploma in Food Processing & Safety Standards and a Master degree in Food Science?
A: A Post Graduate Diploma in Food Processing & Safety Standards is a one-year program that focuses on providing students with practical experience and theoretical knowledge of food safety and processing. A
Master degree in Food Science is a two-year program that provides students with a more comprehensive
understanding of food science, including advanced research and development skills and generally available in offline mode only.

Q: How will I access the online exam?

A: You will receive information about how to access the online exam, including the date and time, login credentials, and instructions for navigating the exam platform.

Q: Can I collaborate with other students on my project work?
A: Yes, you can collaborate with other students on project work.

Q: How will I submit my project work?
A: project work will depend on the specific requirements and guidelines set by your instructor. Typically, you will need to submit your project work through a designated platform, such as an online learning management system (LMS) or an email submission.