Training Material FOSTAC – Catering

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All the Training Material Used in the Training was designed from this various sources. Some of the resources we are providing here.

Advance Training Manufacturing Manual –

FSSAI Schedule IV Guidelines Download Here

Advance Training Modules Prepared by FOSTAC 

Module 1: Introduction to food safety
Module 2: What does the law say?
Module 3: Food Safety Management System
Module 4: Layout, Location and Facilities
Module 5: Material Handling
Module 6: Pre-Processing
Module 7: Food Production
Module 8: Holding,Serving and Transportation
Module 9: Quality Control
Module 10: Cleaning and Disinfection
Module 11: Pest Control
Module 12: Personal Hygiene
Module 13: Product Information and Consumer Awareness
Module 14: Management and Trainings
Module 15: Audit and Documentation

COVID 19 Training DOWNLOAD –

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Sanitization / Disinfection / Coating – PPT – Download Here

All Posters related to Corona Safety Available – Download Here

Press Release from Govt for COVID19 Training – Download Here

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GENERAL Training Material

Level-3-Manufacturing-supervisorsDownloadLevel-2-3-Catring-FGDownloadLevel-2-Catering-staffDownloadFOSTAC BookletDownloadLevel-2-Manufacturing-staffDownload

  1. Volume I: Introduction to Food and Food Processing
  2. Volume II: Food Safety Regulators and Food Safety Management
  3. Volume III: Food Regulatory Enforcement and compliance through Inspection
  4. Volume III: Food Regulatory Enforcement and compliance through Inspection
  5. Volume IV: Ensuring Food Safety and Standards through Food Sampling and Analysis
  6. Volume V: Key aspects to ensure Food Safety.